Crafts and products

In the Transylvanian villages, people preserve their cultural heritage, as one preserves a gift passed down through generations. By supporting our local craftsmen and women, you can bring home a piece of this heritage. The local crafts are created with passion and love, and are made solely by hand.

The fabric of traditional life

In Viscri, a female artisanal community handcrafts knitted clothing and decorations, using techniques passed on by the village elders. These wonderful handmade creations are sold in the artisanal boutique in the village main square. Meanwhile, in the village of Mălâncrav, craftswomen Elena Neagu and Maria Nistor manually weave carpets and curtains with traditional patterns – these too are an important piece of Transylvanian history.

A still-burning centuries-old craft

Coal Valley, also known as Bocşa, is located outside the village of Viscri – here, you can witness a centuries-old craft: the making of charcoal, done by combining slow-burning wood with peat and straw. A horse-drawn carriage ride through the valley of the coal-makers is a transcendent   experience that is not to be missed.

The iron hands

The village blacksmith workshop takes you back in time. Here you can witness iron horseshoes and tools being made from century-old models.

Mr. Gabor is the village blacksmith. He and his brother Matei learned this ancient art from their grandfather. The Gabor brothers are always ready to share their craft, and show you how to forge a raw piece of iron into a finished object. Thanks to their hard work, the village houses keep their traditional look – using authentic hinges and nails made by the town blacksmiths.

The handmade foundation of the village

In 2006, MBE Colin Richards, a British restoration expert, came to the village of Viscri and built a brick and tile-making oven, located just south of the village. The building of the oven was a way to revitalize this ancient craft, which was in danger of being lost to history. The oven gives the villagers a means to produce their own construction materials – allowing them to restore their ancient homes in the traditional way.

Mr. Gheorghe Lascu and his family, along with nine other villagers, maintain the oven, lighting it five times a year, producing over 6,500 bricks and 12,000 tiles. If you visit Viscri, the brick oven is an attraction that is not to be missed.

The natural produce of Criț

The Criț village has become well known for its gastronomic traditions. Here you can taste a wide variety of goat and cows’ milk cheeses, prepared by the Suciu family using recipes passed down through generations. The mouthwatering specialties of the Suciu family include basil-and-pepper cheese, homemade sour cream and butter – and a unique variety of cheese featuring cumin, ground pepper, and nuts.

From “Rozi’s” – as Mrs. Rozalia Anghel is known in the village – you can buy products made  out of fruits and vegetables. Miss Rozalia’s house resembles grandma’s pantry; her homemade  jams and comfits capture the savory essence of her fresh fruits and vegetables. A special place in Miss Rozalia’s pantry is reserved for elegantly labeled herb and fruit teas. Rozi is also well-versed in the art of making pickles; she spices, jars, and preserves them from a wide variety of vegetables, adding dash and flavor to meals in wintertime, when fresh produce is no longer available.

Mr. Emil Pandrea is a skillful beekeeper. He makes the best honey in the village – and also derives natural medicines from the honey, wax, and pollen. Emil is always on hand to discuss the art of beekeeping and the homeopathic properties of his varies remedies. But if bees aren’t your thing, perhaps you’d rather go fishing instead? If so, then visit Mr. Gheorghe Patea – his lakes are the finest in the region.

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