Terms and Conditions

The visits, usage and order of products displayed on the website www.experiencetransylvania.ro implies the acceptance of the Conditions for use to be detailed below. For the use in proper conditions of the site, the careful reading of the Terms and Conditions is recommended.

www.experiencetransylvania.ro is run by Experience Transylvania Guesthouses S.R.L. headquartered in Mălâncrav 102, 557117 Sibiu, România, registered with the Trade Register under no. J32/164/2015 and unique registration code 34155875.

We reserve the right to perform amendments to these Terms and conditions as well as any amendments of the website www.experiencetransylvania.ro without prior notifications. By accessing the page Terms and conditions, you can always read the most recent version of these provisions.

Your registration obligations:

In order to buy from www.experiencetransylvania.ro, you must fill in your details onto our website.

When using the service, you declare and accept that you will supply only real, correct, current and complete information.

If we consider that this obligation has been broken, we hereby reserve the right to block the user’s access to the use of the service, during a specific or undetermined period of time, without any previous notification.

Reservation policy:

To complete your booking, you will be asked to make an online payment of the full cost for the chosen accommodation. You will then receive an automatically generated invoice and booking confirmation.

The letting season for the guesthouses runs from 1st of April to the 31st of October.

Our check in time is from 2 p.m. till 9 p.m. and check out is no later than by 11 a.m.

In order to ensure that reservations are held after 4 p.m., guests should inform us of their arrival time.

Children are welcome at our guesthouses. For children under the age of four accommodation is free of charge, while children between four and twelve years old will get a 50% discount off the accommodation prices.

Cancellation policy:

Due to Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath, cancellations during year 2021 are not possible. Bookings cancelled more than two weeks prior to the stay will be rescheduled for a later period agreed upon by both parties in the selected guesthouse or other similar guesthouses in our network, subject to availability. Bookings cancelled less than two weeks prior to stay and no show guests will be charged the total accommodation amount.

Experience Transylvania Guesthouses S.R.L. reserves the right to cancel bookings of its guesthouses at any time and refund the entire amount paid for accommodation.

Price and methods of payment:

The prices presented include all legal taxes. Prices are quoted in Euros and shall be paid in Romanian Lei at an exchange rate of 4.85 Lei per Euro. They are subject to review at any time without notice.

The purchase price presented on the invoice shall be the same as the one presented on the website at the moment of purchase.

The payment of the products is made by credit / debit card at the placements of online orders.


1. Experience Transylvania Guesthouses S.R.L. shall not permit the use of its facilities for any purpose other than that stated in the original booking correspondence; unless written consent is obtained prior to the event.

2. Although Experience Transylvania Guesthouses S.R.L. has endeavored to insure all information in its advertising material is correct at the time of printing, it reserves all rights to alter, substitute or withdraw any service, facility or amenity at any time, without notice if necessary.

3. Experience Transylvania Guesthouses S.R.L. is not responsible for any damage to Customers’ or visitors’ cars parked at the guesthouses.

4. This agreement is subject to Romanian Law.

5. The Customer accepts that Experience Transylvania Guesthouses S.R.L. and its representatives can have unrestricted right of access at all times to any and all guesthouses and agrees to comply with the following:

a. The Customer accepts full responsibility for all of the Customer’s visitors in or about the guesthouse and its general facilities and area. No visits are permitted between 12am and 7am. Any damage to the rooms and the guesthouse’s fixtures, fittings and furnishings will be the responsibility of the Customer and will be charged accordingly.

b. The Customer agrees not to use or store articles or liquids that are dangerous, noxious, inflammable, explosive or which may give a risk to health or fire risk without written consent of Experience Transylvania Guesthouses S.R.L. and agrees to observe all normal and reasonable precautions for security of the room and also for the hotel in general.

c. The Customer hereby warrants and represents that they will not keep in the rooms any of the following:

• Firearms, illegal drugs and any other illegal goods;

• Anything unlawfully in their possession;

• Anything specified as being prohibited in any written notice or list that may be issued from time to time by Experience Transylvania Guesthouses S.R.L.

d. The Customer hereby warrants and represents that they will not use the guesthouse for any purpose that is illegal.


If the Customer is unsatisfied by the services received he is required to draw a clear and explicit written complaint during the booking period and submit it to the guesthouse manager and to Experience Transylvania Guesthouses S.R.L. Following the complaint Experience Transylvania Guesthouses S.R.L. is required to address the issue immediately.

If the Tourist fails to file a written complaint during his stay, he loses the right to demand any compensation.

Experience Transylvania Guesthouses S.R.L. is not responsible for the optional services offered by external providers. Complaints regarding these services need to be transmitted to the service provider.

In case of overbooking Experience Transylvania Guesthouses S.R.L. will provide the Customer with similar accommodation in service quality and comfort. In case the accommodation provided is of lower quality, Experience Transylvania Guesthouses S.R.L. will reimburse the price difference to the Customer.


Unless negligence by the Experience Transylvania Guesthouses S.R.L. is proved, we will not be held liable for injury to person, or damage to any property of any Customer or person staying/visiting the guesthouses and or its general facilities and area.

Experience Transylvania Guesthouses S.R.L. does not undertake the responsibility and may not be held accountable for any loss given to the use of purchased products through this website, for purposes other than the ones mentioned by the producer. The return of products may be performed according to the dispositions of the Romanian GO 130/2000, and for additional details we kindly ask to visit the section “Product Exchange/Return“


The entire content of the website www.experiencetransylvania.ro, including text, images, graphics, web graphic elements, scripts or any other data is property of Experience Transylvania Guesthouses S.R.L. or that of its suppliers and it is protected under the Copyright law and the laws regarding the intellectual and industrial property right. The use without the written approval of any of the elements of the website www.experiencetransylvania.ro, or that of any other elements listed above is punished according to the valid legal provisions. In order to complain about intellectual property rights you can use the e-mail address contact@experiencetransylvania.ro.

Confidentiality policy:

Personal data may be revealed without your consent in case of litigations/disputes regarding payment fraud by the following addresses: banks implicated in the online payments, the International Cards Bodies and Suppliers of services/products, namely according to the law and corresponding authorities.

According to the dispositions of the Romanian Law no. 677/200, our clients have the following rights:

1. The right to Information (art.12)

2. The right to Access data (art.13) – the right to obtain, at request and free of charge, for one yearly request, the confirmation that the corresponding data are or are not handled by the data operator.

3. The right to intervene (art.14) – the right to request to the data operator, through a written request gratuitously the following:

a. Correction, actualization, blocking or deletion of the incomplete, incorrect data or illegal processing;

b. Transformation of data corresponding to illegal persons into anonymous data;

c. Notification of third parties regarding the operations observed at letters. a) and b).

4. The right to opposition (art.15) – the right to oppose, gratuitously and by means of a written notice, for appropriate and legal reasons in connection to his/her particular situation, that the data related to her/him be the object of a processing.

5. The right to address justice (art.18) – the right to address justice for the defenses of the rights granted by the law which have not been complied with.

6. The right to submit a complaint with the supervision authority (art.25).


By using or buying the products on this website, the user has acknowledged the fact that the Romanian law shall govern the above Terms and conditions and any dispute of any kind that may arise between the user and Experience Transylvania Guesthouses S.R.L. In case of eventual conflicts between Experience Transylvania Guesthouses S.R.L. and its clients the resolution thereof will be previously solution amicably within minimum 30 working days.

If the amicable solution will not be possible, the conflict will be solution by the corresponding court of law according to the valid Romanian laws.

Limitations regarding the use of certain techniques of distance communication:

1. The following distance communication techniques require the previous approval of the consumer:

a. Automated call system without human intervention (automated call);

b. Fax machine (fax);

c. Electronic e-mail address (e-mail);

2. The use of other individual distance communication techniques other than the ones observed at art. 1 is not allowed only if there is a refusal manifested by the consumer.

List comprising the distance communication techniques:

1. Un-addressed printed;

2. Addressed printed;

3. Standard letter;

4. Printed publicity with order request;

5. Catalogue;

6. Human intervention telephone;

7. Telephone without human intervention (automated call, audio-text);

8. Radio;

9. Videophone (image telephone);

10. Videotext (micro-computer, TV screen with keyboard or touch screen);

11. Electronic post (e-mail);

12. Fax machine (fax);

13. Television (teleshopping).


If any of the above clauses shall be found as null or invalid, no matter the cause, it shall not affect the validity of the rest of the clauses. Once the order is launched, the client accepts without objections the Terms and conditions for use, the value thereof being the same as a valid concluded contract.

Agreeing with the Terms and conditions the client undertakes totally the rights and obligations deriving from the purchase from the virtual store www.experiencetransylvania.ro.