Transylvania, a hidden treasure

Aici va fi continut tradus in romana cand veti creea un post.

Welcome to Central Transylvania! A region lost in time; a region that is unique in all of Europe. For centuries, we have been hidden amid the woods and hills and valleys of the Carpathian Mountains — our villages are perfectly preserved relics of the past; and yet they are more than relics. Our villages still function according to medieval ways, with horse-drawn carriages and wagon, hand-woven fabrics, handmade crafts and wine and food. And so, we invite you to visit.

A visit to Central Transylvania is a visit to the past. And your trip will help preserve the small villages of Transylvania: by staying in a traditional rustic cottage, buying local produce, and purchasing local culinary delicacies and crafts, you help to maintain an ancient style of life that is in danger of disappearing. So take a journey to the past; help preserve the past — and don’t delay, book your trip today!