While in Transylvania, don't miss out on the local food – all made by hand, all made from natural ingredients. Each village has its unique specialty.

After exploring the picturesque landscape of Alma Vii, you might be feeling a little peckish. And here, in this picturesque village surrounded by vineyards, can you taste a traditional Saxon recipe passed down from one housewife to another: oven baked cabbage in a bread dough.

The Mălâncrav village has centuries-old apple orchards; thus, the village gastronomic specialty is apple-based. The villagers make a meat and vegetable soup which is cooked, then strained – finally, apples and sour cream are added to give the soup a unique and unparalleled flavor.

In Crit, the specialty is krotch, a Saxon recipe with cabbage, smoked pork, thyme, and dill. The krotch is served with hot peppers and ţuică, traditional Romanian homemade Schnapps.

In Biertan can you enjoy a Saxon soup formerly reserved only for special occasions: Broderleavend – which translates as “roast soup” – is made with meat, potatoes and bay leaves.

A Viscri specialty is traditional wedding soup, with chicken and homemade noodles. A less-known recipe, characteristic to the area, is a delicious bean soup with dried prunes.

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