Moșna Cabbage Festival in October 2016

This yummy event in Moșna is already a tradition and it happens here every October for 10 years now. When the time comes, people living in villages around Moșna do their best to come up with the best cabbage traditional meals. Alma Vii is one of the most serious competitors and people here prepare themselves in advance.

To taste the true flavors of Transylvania, one should be here on October 8th an 9th, ready to try traditional recipes like lichiu cu varză, a local delicacy local people take pride in. But cabbage is not the only reason visitors interested i n Transylvanian culture should stop by. This week-end also features an emotional folk show with local traditional dancers and a lot of singing, and also a wagon parade. To secure your stay, choose one of our three guest houses in Alma Vii and you will experience autumn the Transylvania way.